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Monster Hot Pepper Garden

Exclusive Limited Time Offer!

Hair Skin and Nails

Monster Jalapeño & Chili Peppers in Just 10 Weeks

These are among the worlds hottest peppers and can now be grown in your very own backyard! Developed by plant scientists at the University of California these two pepper strands can grow up to 12 inches long a piece. Giving you just the right amount of hotness with out burning you. Each compact plant yields dozens of fruit, perfect for growing on your deck, patio or in your garden! These peppers are perfect for tacos, nachos, dips and zesty soups. These plants can produce all season right up to fall frost!

  • -Grow monster peppers indoors or outdoors in just 10 weeks.
  • -Specially formulated to yield the biggest peppers on the market.
  • -Includes two types of peppers, three live pepper plants each.
  • -3 Monster Jalapeño Hot Pepper & 3 "Big Jim" Chili Peppers.
  • -Developed by University Plant Scientists!

With Monster Jalapeño Pepper you can grow foot long peppers all season long all from one plant! Have farm fresh peppers in your own back yard every week!

With "Big Jim's" Chili Peppers you will get some of the worlds largest and tastiest peppers in the world!

Get Your Set Of 6 Live Pepper Plants!

(3 Monster Jalapeño Hot Pepper Plants & 3 "Big Jim" Chili Pepper Plants)

Designed to Grow All Season Long, Indoors or Outdoors
Yours Today for Only: $39.99**

*=Plus $4.99 P & H.

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What are bare root plants?

This custom kit is for six bare root stock pepper plants. These are LIVE plants that are between 4"-6" tall and have exposed roots. All you have to do is dig a hole three inches wide and deep, then plant the tree. These are NOT SEEDS, these are live plants that are ready to plant!

What are "Big Jim" Chili Peppers & Jalapeño Peppers?

Jalapeno is everyone's favorite hot pepper because it has just the right amount of hotness without burning the mouth to spice up a bland meal—sliced over pizza, chopped over onions, minced into guacamole, added to mild salsas. The thick walls are crunchy, excellent for eating fresh or pickled. Stuff them with cheese or ground meat. These big, bold meaty peppers give you a flavor the entire family will enjoy. Big Jim Chili Pepper Just Warms, Doesn't Burn- Only Nips, Never Bites! Nearly A Foot Long Loaded With Chili Pepper Flavor, But Not A Trace of Chili Pepper Heat If you love the zing of chili peppers, but shy away from their tongue-scorching heat then wait 'til you sink your teeth into this recently released cooled-down version of the common flame-thrower chili.